Good Morning Revolution


GMR is a progressive and evolving group. It was founded in Grand Rapids late 2008 as a response to the huge reaction to the Really Really Free Markets. The emphasis is on community building through individual empowerment. The organizers of the free markets want to create other events that encourage social change, mutual aid, and community building. Thus we created Good Morning Revolution.

We need you! You’re a valuable part of a radical community and have skills that can be shared, host a workshop, organize a Really Really Free Market or another event and tell us about it, we’ll try to help you get the word out and find the resources you need. Times are tough, but together we are tougher.

Created by the people
in the interest of the people
to energize our community
in a more sustainable way
from the bottom up.

the Free Zine

This is but a tool for or an experiment in bringing together and building up the active community. With these pages, we want to talk about important things. We want you to talk about important things. We want all of us to DO important things. To have lives of conviction, of action, of satisfaction. We want to understand our chaotic world. With this knowledge, we want to effect change. We want to let change happen. We want to exist best we can. We started a zine to put something into the world. Something physical, permanent, visceral. Something to pass between friends. Something real.

In this time of overwhelming apathy, we want you to know that their are people that care enough to act. We need to know this. Knowing we are not alone give us motivation to continue. Having others to discuss our thoughts, feelings, values gives us direction in which to continue.

Who are we? If you identify with anything above, then we are you and you are us. What are you doing? Share what you’re working on. Submit your writing or drawing or anything that’s printable.

Let’s hear what you’re doing, share what you’re working on. Submit your writing or drawing or anything that’s printable to

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Really Really Free Market

We all have heard of the Free Market, the economic system free from the meddling hands of government. It’s a system that works out quite beneficially for the Fat Cats. But quite detrimental to a thriving middle class, the environment, and authenticity of human relationships. It’s not really free...really.

The very first RRFMs ever was held simultaneously in Miami, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina to protest the 2004 G8 summit and has since spread across the US. In Grand Rapids, The RRFM has been a monthly staple for coming on 4 years now. Taking place the 1st Sunday (the 2nd in cases of rain) of every month at MLK Park. Skip the busy bullshit mall and come have a lovely afternoon in the park. Bring your stuff that has become a burden. Pick up stuff that you’ll find useful. Help sort stuff and tidy up. Bring a ball or accordion to play with. Make some friends and have a laugh. And, most importantly, be free.

Critical Mass

The tipping point at which biking in the road becomes normal.

Critical Mass is group ride in advocacy of bikes as traffic. The bicycle and it’s many variations are great ways to get around this city. We ride on the last Friday of the month, rain or shine, along with Critical Mass rides happening in cities around the world. We meet at Rosa Parks Circle at 6 PM. We start the ride at 6:30 PM. We like to keep it slow (about 5 mph) so that everyone can enjoy the ride. Critical Mass asserts cyclists’ right to the road--not infringing on other’s rights to the road. Always leave a lane free (on roads with more than one lane). Use the bike lane if available. And if a driver gives you flack, just wave, smile, and exclaim, “Happy Friday!” Hell, shout salutations at everyone you see! Anything to get (positive!) attention is strongly encouraged: costumes, signage, sound systems, shouting of friendly salutations, penny-farthings, or whatever.